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Lifting Jib

The lifting jib is capable of lifting different weights at different lengths, the ability to sling a long sleeper or even a heavy object like an old septic tank. The list of uses is only limited by the application and your needs.

A point worth mentioning is that MLH uses the latest 2015 Model Viking Mini Loaders, made in Melbourne and the Viking has a huge lift height and capacity 380-400 KG which allows the lifting Jib to lift much greater weights than Dingo’s poultry 250Kg and Toro’s 235Kg.

So it is clear Mini Loader Hire offers a superior product for the consumers benefit, and these technical benefits are across the board because the Viking Mini loader.

All attachments stocked by Mini Loader Hires are Mini Multi Fit, these attachments are direct fit - for Dingo Mini Diggers models k93 Petrol and k93 Diesel also direct for K94 Pro diesel K95 Dingos.

All Kanga Loaders models, kanga 5 series, kanga 6 series, kanga 7 series, kanga 8 series, also Vermeer mini loaders, Toro 4 paw W320D and W323D also Toro Mini loader TX1000 and TX525.

And TX427 track models. Other mini loaders include Ditch witch, Hysoon, Viking workmate and tradesman Mini Loaders and Boxer 320P and 322D, HD950, 525DX.

We happily hire seprate attachments from machines and hire for use with your own machine.